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Competitions & Awards

In several international competitions ExB could give proof that the self developed technics are some of the world’s best.

ISBI 2016: First place overall for automated skin lesion analysis and melanoma detection (ISIC challenge).
ISBI 2016: Best company and second overall of 23 participants for „automated detection of metatases in hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained whole-slide images of lymph node sections“ (Camelyon challenge).
MICCAI 2015: Best company for identification of cancer cells in images of histological sections (GlaS challenge).
SemEval 2015: task2 Semantic Textual Similarity: Second overall place in English (best participating company), first overall place in Spanish.
MultiLing 2015: Best „Multi Document Text Summarisation“ Company in 38 languages, third overall position.
BioCREATIVE 2015: Second-best company in„medical text mining“ for active ingredients, diseases and their interaction.
GermEval 2014: First and second overall place / Best „Named Entity Recogniser“ for German.

From ExB’s first steps in 2003 on, research and scientific work has been the root of success.

ExB developments are based on an effective process for transferring research outcomes to the product development. The positive benefits of a close relationship condense in short innovation cycles. ExB’s research motivation is to identify challenges that are tough and have a relevant impact. We want to develop human centric solutions and to continually shape the future of computing. With an uncommon high proportion of PhDs and research staff, ExB declares it’s aspiration to innovate whole industries. In close collaboration with universities, ExB shares it’s knowledge with other scientists and students.

A selection of research papers and publications can be found on the Cognitive Workbench website.