AI for Insurance

Enlighten your shadow processing. 
With a solution that understands your business mail better than any before.

Expert reports, certificates, doctor’s letters, customer letters: your inbox is manifold. The Cognitive Workbench ensures up to 3x higher recognition quality in your document processing. Thanks to a unique concept.
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    As full process or single modules

    From OCR and text import to classification, extraction and validation

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    Expandable, trainable, and actively learning

    Standard recogniser extendable to any specific, to any language, across the entire process chain

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    On-premises and highly secure

    100% compatible with your existing system, fully compliant with data protection requirements

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The Cognitive Workbench brings AI to insurance. A new quality in document processing.

Insurance companies invest massively in the process automation of their document handling – and still stagnate with an automated processing of less than 50% of the “touched” documents. How does our Cognitive Workbench improve this situation?

It works differently

It examines the documents differently

Instead of just capturing text, data or images only, our system can process them all together. It learns not only what is in the document, but also where it is placed. It uses this spatial context to recognize meaningful connections – and thus extract more useful content.

It detects correlations and causations

Rather than looking at a word or a number solitary, our machine also analyzes what happens to the left of it, to the right of it, above and below it. This multidimensional recognition ensures a much more precise correlative and causal allocation of information. This is essential, for example, in the automatic recognition of lists and tables, for example in expert reports or invoices.

It boosts your learning curve

Instead of being dependent on any service provider adapting your software for you at some point, you simply optimize our system in-house. Define for yourself what our machine is supposed to recognize and train it without delay. The result is a system that is constantly evolving – and you may gain decisive competitive advantages.

Train fast. Apply immediately.
In a closed data loop.

The Cognitive Workbench: Every newly trained skill can be applied immediately and productively. With just a few clicks you can create a docker container with selected recognisers. You can then integrate it directly into your internal systems. Your systems in turn delivers feedback right back to the Workbench, from which it learns again. Scalable as desired. Flexible control. On-premises.

Our Product

Understands every language. Learns any knowledge.
Trains without a break.

Our Cognitive Workbench is not a rigid, rule-based software. It is a true Enterprise AI platform: a universal, intelligently learning text and document mining system. It can be trained and configured highly specifically for any language, any knowledge and any application area. Simple and efficient. And again and again if required.

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How insurance companies benefit from it.

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    Damage reports

    90% of the text of a damage report is in the vast majority of cases not important for your agents. Our software extracts the really relevant information. And saves your employees valuable time.

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    Medical reports

    ICD-10 is one of the most widely used taxonomies of diagnoses and has 50,000 entries. Nobody can have them in his head. Our machine knows them all. It automatically assigns ICD-10 codes to the diagnoses in your medical documents.

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    Certificates of incapacity

    Which insured person was on sick leave from when to when? Thanks to the Cognitive Workbench, this information enters your system entirely without manual input.

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    We cannot prevent dismissals, but we can make the process efficient. If specified, our system will also find the reason for termination. Maybe you can use it to change the customer’s mind?

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    Who wants to have paid for what and why by when? Our machine will tell you. If you want, even down to the individual invoice item.

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    Notification of insured event

    In the event of damage, fast processing and assistance are what count. Don’t lose any time. Let our machine bring the most important information into your systems quickly and automatically.

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    It is always cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. We also recognise complaints by their tone of voice and can direct them directly towards processing.

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