Many dream of the ultimate Verstehmaschine. We build it.

Our product, the Cognitive Workbench, can not only search texts and images for content, but also classify, interpret, summarize and evaluate them: a team of 75 specialists in Munich and Leipzig makes it happen. Welcome to ExB.
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    Unique team

    At ExB, scientists, engineers, software and UX specialists as well as experts from various industries work side by side.

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    Applied AI Research

    For text mining, we use the latest natural language processing and machine learning algorithms and make them available today.

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    Enterprise AI

    Our Cognitive Workbench already enables many groundbreaking AI applications and integrates easily into existing systems.

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Our Product

Understands every language. Learns any knowledge.
Trains without a break.

Our Cognitive Workbench is not a rigid, rule-based software. It is a true Enterprise AI platform: a universal, intelligently learning text and document mining system. It can be trained and configured highly specifically for any language, any knowledge and any application area. Simple and efficient. And again and again if required.

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Our industry solutions

The Cognitive Workbench in insurance:
Process business mail more reliably.

To date, less than half of incoming business mail at insurance companies can be processed automatically. With the text mining of the Cognitive Workbench, you can initiate a trend reversal. Thanks to a significantly higher recognition quality – e.g. for damage reports, certificates of incapacity for work, medical letters and customer letters – you can relieve your clerks and reduce your operational costs.

Who we are

ExB is driven by 75 passionate researchers and developers. And one incredible goal.

We at ExB are convinced that future-oriented cognitive systems must be able to correctly understand 99% of spoken and written language. This may sound utopian to some, but that’s the goal we’re working towards. And we are anything but dreamers. Namely, passionate scientists and developers. Once before, we realized a bold idea.

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