Cognitive Workbench Textual Solutions


Textual Solutions

Intelligent Big Data Analytics

The modular Cognitive Workbench enables ExB to develop solutions that perfectly fit to customers’ needs and problems. Flexible importers unify data from different sources into one semantic space. With the help of proprietary NLP modules ExB is extracting information. These modules feed into ExB’s cognitive computing technologies to connect the dots to find new answers for hard problems. The wide set of output methods enable knowledge-workers to interact with the data, visualize it or use it for decision making.

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Data Input

The Cognitive Workbench can import data from different data sources: public and internal databases, the web, email-accounts, document files, etc. If there is no pre-developed module we will add a new one for you.

Information Extraction

Every text gets atomized into single entities and their relations. Who went where and did what? Which is the company, what is a molecule, who is the doctor? How does this medication work on that symptom?

Data recombination

Distinct data sets get connected to each other so that new correlations can be found: Source 1 says “A & B”, Source 2 says “B & C”, through their combination, you get the whole chain A & B & C, including the plausibility of the chain.

Time series comparison

What concept, product, molecule, team member was important at what time? Follow your data over time and detect changes. Drill down from an overview to the single document.

Compare oranges and apples

Discover easily similarities or differences of methods and concepts in e.g. patient data, publications or patents.

Recommendation engine

Use the Cognitive Workbench to extract patterns from data sources and use these within a recommendation engine for people, products or processes.

Summarise or Enrich Texts

Dynamically summarize texts and keep the most important facts or enrich them with additional information to make them more understandable.

Data cleaning

The Cognitive Workbench automatically cleans your raw data, removing navigation, discussion or advertisement from documents. It transforms the structure in a unified structure making e.g. publications, news and emails easy to digest in the same paradigm.