ExB Labs and Alacris Theranostics Announce Strategic Collaboration

ExB Labs and Alacris Theranostics Announce Strategic Collaboration
19. June 2017 Philipp Schäfer

19 June 2017  – ExB Labs and Alacris Theranostics today announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to combine ExB’s AI machine learning platform, “Cognitive Workbench” with Alacris’ “deep omics” analysis capabilities and its unique predictive modeling system, ModCell™. Joining forces and technologies, both companies aim to automate and accelerate drug development and response predictions.

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ExB Labs and Alacris Theranostics Announce Strategic Collaboration in the Field of Drug Development and Drug Response Prediction


Munich and Berlin, Germany, 19 June 2017 – ExB Labs GmbH, an artificial intelligence company committed to providing healthcare solutions using their proprietary machine learning platform “Cognitive Workbench”, and Alacris Theranostics GmbH a systems medicine company using powerful omics-data integration pipelines and predictive modelling today announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration. The combination of machine learning and predictive modelling will provide exceptional possibilities for customers to automate and accelerate the evaluation of their omics and drug-response data, for the identification of responders and for stratification of patient or experimental model cohorts.

“Joining forces with Alacris represents a unique opportunity for both the users of our platform and Alacris’ customers to expand their analyses by combining AI approaches with state-of- the-art systems medicine modelling,” said Ramin Assadollahi, CEO of ExB Labs. “We are therefore very pleased to initiate this collaboration, which will also give ExB the chance to broaden the applicability and functionality of our platform within the realm of healthcare.”

“One of the greatest challenges in biomedical research, at present, is the integration and interpretation of large and heterogeneous datasets, including drug-response, omics and imaging data. Combining our ModCell™ data integration and systems biology modelling approach with ExB’s AI-based data analysis will provide scientists with a flexible – and unique – platform for biomedical data exploration,” said Bodo Lange, CEO of Alacris.

ExB’s Cognitive Workbench is an AI-powered data mining platform for healthcare and life science research professionals. It enables users to develop and train their own AI-enabled analyses of complex unstructured and structured data sources in text and images. On top of its built-in features, the platform provides additional analysis tools and data sources that can be used as self-standing solutions or in combination with the platform’s cognitive analysis tools and databases.

Alacris’ ModCell™ implements a complex in silico model of cellular processes and allows quantitative simulations of pathway and cellular activity based on molecular omics data and specific drug effects. ModCell™ uses molecular data, such as gene expression and mutation data, to individualize the model. This systems biology-based application allows, for example, to identify responder groups of a targeted drug (‘virtual clinical trial’) or modules of the cellular network that are most effected by a specific drug.

About ExB Labs

ExB Labs GmbH, a leading innovator in cognitive computing, has established state-of- the-art technology platforms in non-linear programming and deep learning. The company is committed to creating machine learning solutions for a range of today’s healthcare problems through its subsidiary ExB Health. Through its proprietary cloud-based platform, the Cognitive Workbench, ExB allows users to create and train their own AI-enabled analyses of complex unstructured and structured data sources, in text and images, with “human precision.” Founded in 2000 by computational linguist and clinical psychologist Dr. Ramin Assadollahi, ExB currently employs around 50 people in Munich and Leipzig, Germany. For more information, please visit www.exb.de.

About Alacris 

Alacris Theranostics GmbH is a Berlin-based company with the mission to transform precision medicine as well as targeted drug discovery and development through its ‘deep omics’ analysis capabilities and its unique predictive modelling system – ModCell™. Alacris was founded by leading experts in the field of Genomics and Systems Biology from the Max-Planck-Institute for molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany and Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. Alacris’ proprietary technologies enable a highly innovative approach in cancer precision medicine but are also impacting targeted drug development, reducing costs and time to approval. Through its integrative data analysis pipelines Alacris enables unique personalized therapy selection, based on combining information on actionable variants while providing increasing precision of drug response prediction through our virtual patient modelling using ModCell™. To achieve its goals, Alacris works closely together with clinics and industry leaders worldwide, in the fields of personalized medicine, biomarker discovery, IT and drug development. Alacris’ highly experienced staff provides outstanding quality controlled and quality certified results to its customers. For more information, please visit www.alacris.de.


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