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We build Cognitive Tools on top of our unique, award-winning ExB Cognitive Platform.

Mine, analyze, reason and predict on natural language, structured data and images.

Experience the Cognitive Workbench.

Build, train, analyze and save your own custom scenarios for Big Data problems. Integrate various data sources and modalities. Auto-update if the data changes. Share them within your team.

ExB’s Cognitive Workbench is a radical new solution: a modular, trainable, award winning, ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence construction kit. Available as SaaS or on-premise. Today.


Textual Solutions

Turn text into knowledge: ExB’s Cognitive Workbench uses award-winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Cognitive Computing techniques to make knowledge encoded in structured and unstructured data actionable.

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Visual Solutions

ExB’s Cognitive Workbench uses Deep Learning to classify, detect, count or segment objects and structures in pictures and video. Our solution automates tiring tasks that up to now needed human experts.

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Meet our companies for industry specific solutions

ExB Finance

The automated real-world understanding of consumers, sales force and e.g. claims scenarios by voice, text and pictures is radically improving the user experience, process flexibility and efficiency across the financial industry.

While doing so, prime- and re-insurers, banks, and professional service firms also can create unique knowledge bases, save time and bring down costs.

ExB enables financial corporations to streamline processing of unstructured data like never before. Our solutions are based on our self-developed world class cognitive computing platform with natural language processing tools and various machine and deep learning modules.

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ExB Mobility

Besides the hyped core components – like e-mobility and autonomous driving – are many more cases, opportunities and needs for the application of AI. We focus on the integration of unstructured data (like natural language) with structured data (like CAN-Bus). Think Predictive / Assistive Planning, Context Acquisition, Service Integration, Qualitative Customer Cohort Analysis.

The underlying concepts of a digitized mobility are already defined. Today it’s about development, implementation and execution.

This is where we at ExB enable automotive and mobility companies making intermodal mobility in an autonomous driving era possible.

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ExB Health

Obtaining accurate and actionable insights from huge amounts of text and other data is difficult.

How much better could a researcher judge on solutions to a problem if he had the time to read all 100.000 publications on this topic? What are the trends in a certain area (indications, compounds, targets)? What specific studies were made on this molecule yielding what results? What is the best method for a procedure in the lab? What distinguishes patients that stay ten days in the hospital from patients that only stay three days?

Extracting “thought” patterns from unstructured and structured data can help answer these questions. You have the data already. Now you get the tools.

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Putting AI to Work. Today.

Creating next generation Cognitive Computing through the research and development of language (NLP), knowledge and AI / ML related technologies.

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