Transforming Big Data into




Shaping the future of healthcare

Obtaining accurate and actionable insights from huge amounts of text is difficult. How much better could a researcher judge on solutions to a problem if he had the time to read all 100.000 publications on this topic? What specific studies were made on this molecule yielding what results? What is the best method for a procedure in the lab? What distinguishes patients that stay ten days in the hospital from patients that stay three days in the hospital? Extracting “thought” patterns from huge amounts of text can help answer these questions. You have the data already. Now you get the tools.

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Individual solutions for unique customers.

ExB’s Cognitive Workbench is a modular AI construction kit to build custom solutions for hard Big Data problems.


Cognitive Workbench

Turn text into knowledge: ExB’s Cognitive Workbench uses award-winnig Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Computing techniques to make knowledge encoded in unstructured data actionable.


Lens Grinder

Turn pictures into knowledge: ExB Lens Grinder uses Deep Learning to classify, count or segment objects and structures in pictures. Our solution is aimed at automating tiring tasks that up to now needed human experts.



Incubating Cognitive Computing

ExB drives the (r)evolution of today’s every day life and businessthrough the development of language & knowledge related technologies.